shoes [TDC430]

Already that really boring time again, that I simply can’t stand. Buying new running shoes. If only make and model and price stayed the same you could have shoes on pre-order, to arrive when the current pairs were getting towards retirement age. Frankly I’m surprised no store has thought of this yet?

Will probably try out three cheap[er] pairs from different sources as I luckily seem quite tolerant footwear-wise.

Today I could feel my quads [vastus intermedius] from the fast bit Sunday [6.07 official time] and few steps yesterday, so kept it short at 8 miles total with jog home, inc SRC leading at Stratford tonight. At least starting to get back to a [now] ‘normal’ kind of distance again post Jersey 96 miles. Only for a week though, then it’s ‘taper’ time again as this next challenge is the hardest yet?

TDC 430 days 4257 miles
RTR70 1803/3360 [37]


2 thoughts on “shoes [TDC430]

  1. I share your aversion to the tread wearing pit stop however, I admit to the joy of the new when adorned if only for the reason, one doesn’t have to do that again for a while but also, that initial bounce and comfort upon stride…

    • In an ideal world I’d buy a couple of pairs that would last a year. Unfortunately my running now demands a new pair every 6-7-8 weeks depending on training. A real bore.

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