Run Director [TDC427]

Just a 4 mile jog to/from parkrun duties this morning, which had to be curtailed due to a flip flop shoe on the way home. Yes, I guess this pair is ready to be retired?


It was truly wonderful to welcome a new Run Director into the Wanstead Flats family today. Well done Mike Bristow. Still hard to believe it is now more than 4 years ago I started to set this up, and 3 years since setting up Beckton parkrun. Time flies.

Am strangely excited about tomorrow’s 1 Miler, though I doubt I will break 6 minutes due to tired legs. Still, it’s good to do something different every now and then to keep things interesting.

Back to the harder work on Monday [for a week at least] before the next big challenge, and a Summer of other exciting running and new ventures.

TDC 427 days 4231 miles
RTR70 1777/3360 [36]


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