discovery [TDC426]

East End Life newspaper

East End Life newspaper 12/05/15

I made a discovery last night [a bit upsetting really]. Last week my father and I marked 32 years since starting this long distance road running lark [yes it’s always been Half Marathons and Marathons since the beginning, no pansy 5K or 10Ks lol]. And yet totting up the mileage from all those years [can’t believe I have never done this before now] I realise I haven’t even run twice around the world yet [approx. 50,000 miles].

No, my meagre mileage only sums to 44,328 miles, and of that a whopping 11,000 miles is from the last 3.5 years; since I have started to train for and run longer distances than the Marathon.

Amazing to think that for so many of those years I only ran 3 or 4 times a week and was doing perhaps 20-25 miles most weeks and peaking at 40-45 during Marathon training, only two, three or four times a year. And I took whole weeks off!? Seems almost comical.

Also interesting to note [not rocket science really] looking back through old training diaries, the weeks and months where the mileage dipped significantly [whilst things were generally going well] due to ‘life events’ [changing jobs, moving houses, running club nonsense, relationship stuff etc]. And how closely consistent quality training and decent race results tally.

So for better or worse this running lark has been an adventure so far, and I hope I am doing my small bit to encourage the runners of tomorrow to ‘have a go’. Certainly delightful to see the kids at school [above at the recent Hackney Half schools challenge] embracing running with the passion it deserves.

Today just a short jog before and after the evening Run England session, which included some faster 1/4 mile warm up repeats with Andre, and a 1 mile time trial, to gauge leg tiredness/recovery and hence likely effort/time to aim for, for Sunday’s Westminster Mile. My second mile race in 32 years.

TDC 426 days 4227 miles
RTR70 1773/3360 [36]


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