lazy bones [TDC425]

Newham Recorder 20/05/15

Newham Recorder 20/05/15

Time stole past today with no running! I can’t say I like this ‘phony war’ period between one harder event/effort and the next. You feel you must recover from the former but be rested enough for the latter, so hardly any [certainly quality] training seems possible.

For sure why runners that ‘race’ often fall into one of two camps; running too hard too often resulting in poor results and in the worst case, injury, or having to run sub-maximally through events and therefore never really improving.

Personally these current events are not easy, foregone conclusions [they are ALL new best marks] so I am erring on the side of caution.

Trying to fit in all the possible fun challenges I’d like to do is therefore going to be rather tricky. Certainly there are more than enough for the remainder of the Thousand Day Challenge. I should have started when I was younger!

TDC 425 days 4220 miles
RTR70 1766/3360 [36]


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