recovery [TDC422]

Had planned to get up early and try some steps, but rain stopped play this morning. Luckily the big Everest Challenge has been put back a week due to Andre’s work schedule.

Ended up just doing just a gentle 2 mile jog after the evening Run England group; though my legs don’t feel very tired, I have no real pressing drive to run. Will be interesting to see how long it takes my legs to fully recover post 100 miler; as the general rule of thumb of ‘1 day per mile raced’ would mean  over 3 months!? Which doesn’t seem to fit? If however a marathon takes at least 3 weeks then this longer run [even if not at race pace effort] must take longer.


In general after marathon length or longer races, the first week is for recovery from delayed onset muscle soreness. [the old walking down the stairs backwards thang] Weeks 2-4 are for healing damaged muscle fibres. And weeks 5-6 for the complete healing of the endocrine system. Most forget the latter part and start back in perhaps week 3, when their legs feel okay, and then are confused when things fall apart later down the road.

Although I am quite happy to relax at the moment, I will have to tentatively get back to some miles soon, just so as not to fall behind with the TDC target [which is currently about scratch at roughly 4210 miles in 422 days ie 10 miles a day average].

TDC 422 days 4208 miles
RTR70 1754/3360 [36]


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