weight [TDC419]


Not really sure what to make of this printout? Seems something went a bit wrong, as I’m definitely not 4 ft 3! If the weight is correct however, then at least I haven’t gained any weight in the last few weeks; but I have no idea what I have to do to lose some weight, given all these miles. Start eating less crap I guess. Could do with losing at least another stone.

Today I gingerly got back to some training, after a rest week, with a slow 8 miler. It will take several weeks for my legs to fully recover, so some faster miles in only a few days time will be interesting. Quads still a little tight but legs felt okay overall at 9 minutes a mile pace.

It was lovely tonight to see some old faces returning to the Friday evening Run England group and also to have the first session with Chris and Nuno, and their faster training for sub 3 hour marathons etc.

TDC 419 days 4196 miles
RTR70 1742/3360 [36]


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