anniversary [TDC418]

So I realize that there are still roughly 7 weeks to go till half way through the year but, as I have completed a couple of bigger challenges since January, I am already at 36, of the planned 70, virtual circuits of the island of Jersey for 2015. Do I therefore extend the challenge to 100 circuits at this point or wait and see how things progress for the next few months?

If I managed to keep up the average daily mileage I seem to have done so far [13 miles a  day rather than the planned 10 miles] it would be just about possible; though it would mean 90 miles every week average rather than only 70 miles!

Certainly 4800 miles would be by far the farthest I will have ever run in a year. Indeed it would be roughly twice the annual distance I have completed for most of the year’s I have been running.

Those years TODAY amount to 32 years. I can’t now imagine only running 10 miles in a week, but you have to start somewhere. Today a rest day.

Our first week of training 1983

Our first week of training 1983

TDC 418 days 4188 miles
RTR70 1734/3360 [36]


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