Post-mortem [TDC417]

Around Jersey twice:
Worked really well – head torch and instant charge batteries, lubrication, hydration, refueling.

Could be changed/tightened up – 6 weeks later in mid June would give an extra crucial 1.5 hours of daylight at least, meaning [given a different start location] a more steady/even pace could be maintained on the coastal roads and conceivably ALL the tricky/potentially dangerous cliff paths could be negotiated before darkness and hence less time lost. The brief toilet/water stops could be farther honed down?

I think that it is certainly possible, without even any extra fitness, to break the 20 hour barrier for the 96 miles.


first circuit end of North coast cliff paths 30 miles done

Not quite real training yet [it has only been 4 days I guess] but I tried a few hundred steps today and the quads were tired but did what asked. 3 miles with 500 steps total.

TDC 416 days 4188 miles
RTR70 1734/3360 [36]


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