rest [TDC414]

A rare day off [will do a couple of miles walking later however].

Lap 1 [48.1 miles] 9 hours 40 minutes

Liberation Square. Lap 1 [48.1 miles] 9 hours 40 minutes

In bed Saturday morning by 3.15am almost exactly 24 hours to the minute from getting up the previous day. The best 5 hours sleep I’ve had in ages. And another lovely sleep last night. Legs still a little ‘wobbly’; mostly the small stabiliser leg muscles giving the duck waddle. Thighs surprisingly okay today, although they were very tired yesterday.

Stats: First circuit around the island [48.1 miles] in 9:40; faster than if had been able to do a steady pace for the whole challenge, but I had to ensure I got to 60 miles by 4pm to hopefully then get through the north coast cliff paths, the second time, before dusk at 9pm. Only just missed that by 30mins, mostly due to needing to take more fuelling breaks on the second lap. The head torches were an absolute must for the last 5 and a half hours, especially on the south coast cliff paths after 11pm.

I had hoped to be able to pick up the pace on the flat 5 miles after the north coast cliffs, but the steps from the second circuit had completely mashed my quads, so a brisk walk/jog between 13-15 minutes a mile was all that could be managed after 80 miles. And then the 10 miles of south coast cliffs and steps slowed things even farther; simply too dangerous to try to run on irregular stone embedded up and down paths with hundreds of uneven steps. And of course navigation became more troublesome in the dark on very tired heads.

Had a brief lack of energy bonk at 80 miles but I think that was more that dusk had just fallen and my head just felt like it was go to sleep time, as I seem to have got my hydration and nutrition spot on [boringly so. VERY boring eating and drinking almost constantly throughout the day]. Also lubed up well as not a single blister or rub. A lot of stubbed big toe though, but to be expected given the terrain. The declines were certainly the more annoying/challenging part of the venture.

Finished in 22:41.33, so within the 24 hour time limit I had hoped for, and I felt I could have easily made a ‘proper’ 100 miler with only another 4 miles in the remaining 78 minutes; if only the distance around Jersey was just a couple of miles more.

with my support crew father after first lap

with my support crew father after first lap

I’d like to thank my father, who was my solo support, popping up with food/water/kit change at various points for the whole 24 hours, and to him and Phil Marshal who kept me company for the last 20 miles after it got dark. Now a rest and probably a short gentle jog tomorrow?

TDC 414 days 4178 miles
RTR70 1724/3360 [35]


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