Was supposed to have been an 8 mile jog to St James’ Park in central London then a trot in reverse along the London Marathon course to the start, through the night for a 34 mile run but, it was pouring down with rain at midnight and I was struggling to stay awake anyway, so I shamefully bailed as I didn’t want to arrive at the start soaking and cold.

-wf baggage team 2015

Probably a good decision? as after jogging the 5 miles to the start in the morning, and doing 3 hours of managing a baggage team from Wanstead Flats parkrun I was pretty cold and shivery. Saved by ‘borrowing’ a discarded fleece left behind by one of the participants at the start area.

Lovely to go down on the course [after the best hot chocolate in town at Greenwich market] to try to spot runners at Westferry, but failed miserably. A naughty ‘recovery’ day spent in the pub after, till 11pm. oops. Well you have to take it easier from time to time.

TDC 400 days 4027 miles
RTR70 1573/3360 [32]


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