Line [TDC392]

An initial 8 mile jog down to today’s adventure start point; something I have thought about doing for years [being that I have lived for decades a mere 1 Km East of the Prime Meridian]. To follow the Greenwich Meridian Line [I have now discovered that there is an official LDW trail that roughly follows the line for its entire UK length] as closely as possible Northwards from the Royal Observatory.


Obviously unless one is prepared to train it back, the distance that can be covered, even given a 20 mile plus run [allowing for out and back] is somewhat minimal. I therefore decided to go only as far as Pole Hill [somewhere else I haven’t been to in years] and photograph some of the markers that I have noticed over the years.

There was a little bit of up and down parts of roads [ie indirect running] but I decided not to run too out of the way. The line is ‘fractal’ straight, but I had to decide to run up the east side of the Isle of Dogs rather than closer to the actual 0 degree route up the Greenwich peninsula. 16 miles almost non-stop.

I jogged back the 8 miles after the main adventure part of the run for a 32 mile total run [with an hour’s break for lunch at Greenwich] and a 40 mile total day. All relaxed stuff. And I realise I don’t get a smashrun Ultra badge again as I split the logging of the miles!

TDC 392 days 3969 miles
RTR70 1515/3360 [31]


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