hot work [TDC389]

A pitifully short 3 mile day; jog before and after evening Run England group [super 1 mile time trial efforts tonight]. Really not enjoying the sudden heat wave. Hope it isn’t like this in 3 weeks time!

Quite difficult trying to judge this ‘working taper’ period between the seven marathons and the 100 miler in 3 weeks time. I seem to have settled on longer runs and shorter recovery days interleaved rather than what has become more usual recently ie medium long most days. Hopefully it is the right ploy?


Two things I have been heartened to see this week in the papers. One: a piece by Sarah Crompton in the Evening Standard  espousing the need for ‘hard graft’ and discipline for sporting success, and Two: GB Ultra star Robbie Britton in The Independent taking a stand on big business sponsorship of unrepentant drug cheats. Both seeming rare attitudes these days?

If we want our young people to thrive and grow to the best of their ability, we should suggest that very little in life is achieved without effort.

TDC 389 days 3915 miles
RTR70 1461/3360 [30]


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