taper [TDC388]

I hate platitudes aping Zen wisdom, but some running phrases have an element of ‘truth’. “We are all an experiment of one.” and “Listen to everyone, follow no one,” are two that seem apt at the moment.


Ultra training is still in its infancy so sage advice can be hard to come by. Most is either apocryphal or highly personal. Sifting the wheat from the chafe can therefore prove most frustrating.

All kinds of different approaches to 100 mile tapers, but I seem at least to have devised something sensible. Keep the mileage up [within the limits of having to recover from seven marathons in a week], longest run about three weeks out, ‘rest’ for 7-10 days before. Here’s hoping it works. Else there’s always another chance, after: review – reassess – reconfigure.

I have to admit I laughed my head off yesterday at the Evening Standard posting an article [12 days before the race] about “How to survive the last 20 mile long run before the London Marathon.” Only about one or two weeks too late! These silly people know nothing about running.

Today a run to Stoke Newington and back to Stratford before leading the evening’s Sweatshop 10K session, then the jog home. A total of 19 miles.

TDC 388 days 3912 miles
RTR70 1458/3360 [30]


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