paris [TDC386]

Paris and Brighton Marathons today; two weeks out for those doing London. So for us a sharp 16 miler at marathon pace to test the legs. And an 11 miler for those training for the Hackney Half, with four weeks to go. Nice to be back at viewtube after, for me, a few weeks away [7 marathons, SiTC Half, Recce run].

Legs feel fine after yesterday’s 35 miles [lots of stairs tomorrow will be the teller though] but pace all over the shop as I was ‘on duty’ helping runners. Four miles at 8 minute a mile pace in the middle which didn’t feel very rushed. Amazing how you can feel so different from one day to the next. A bit less than the 20 miles I had planned for the day but still over 50 miles in 24 ish hours, so all okay at 17 miles.

Realise that I will just have to do the London Bridges run again as I DID miss one. Fulham Railway Bridge also has a pedestrian footbridge crossing! Other than that I did okay; despite the Boat Race camera crews everywhere up stream.

TDC 386 days 3884 miles
RTR70 1430/3360 [29]


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