bridges [TDC385]


The Bridges of London. Another nice running adventure that I have thought about doing for years, [it was earmarked for a month back, during the 7/7 training] ticked off the list. Or sort of, as I need to check I didn’t miss a bridge somehow?

Went and ran Bushy parkrun [as I thought I may as well make use of the train fare in one direction] which was a slow run [can’t be anything but, given the hordes of runners] and on the last running of this course apparently. Thought I was out of luck as it then poured with rain for 10 minutes! I then jogged back across Hampton Court Bridge for a ‘warm up’ 5 mile trot.


I then ran back along the Thames crossing each and every pedestrian navigable bridge along the way. Hampton Court Bridge to Tower Bridge. 30 miles and I even got in a few hundred steps due to the bridges. It would make a decent short Ultra event route?

Not as comfortable a day as it should have been for some reason. Had to stop and get supplies after about 24 miles total. A litre and a half of fruit juice left me rather bloated but able to carry on fine. Had to go annoyingly slow around the busier areas of central London [Westminster, Southbank] near the end.

35 miles total day. Another, slightly shorter, long run tomorrow for B2B one. Laughing my head of though as I realised to get my smashrun Ultra badge I need to do 50km and it says “If you stop at 49.5 kilometers you’re out of luck,” well today I did over 35 miles but as I restarted the watch to just log the bridges and that stopped at 49.3km I’m out of luck!! Oh well the Ultra badge can wait till another day.


TDC 385 days 3867 miles
RTR70 1413/3360 [29]


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