steppin’ out [TDC384]

If you listened to everything written you’d never run! One minute exercise is good for you. Then only if you do a certain amount. Then not if you do too much. Then the air is bad quality, stay indoors and take your medication. Then it’s good to do something no matter the weather.


Gently back to the quality stuff today, with only two and a bit weeks to do some hard work before a taper. The taper will be much more important this time, given the 100 miles to run on May 8/9.

An easy step session this afternoon; a very late start to a 35,000 steps, five week stair climbing challenge, that I have to complete in three weeks, due to the 100 miler taper. A 3 mile jog there and back, which with the 2,500 steps makes a 6 mile equivalent day.

TDC 384 days 3832 miles
RTR70 1378/3360 [28]


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