spilt milk [TDC383]

Easy to knock yourself out over what should have been. This should have been a more productive training week, but didn’t turn out that way. Strange how you get to the point where you only run one longish [or what you become to regard as longish] run and/or take a couple of non-running or short distance days and think that a ‘failure’ week.

Nicky Spinks on Leg Bob Graham Round

Nicky Spinks on her Bob Graham Round

I took some comfort from Bob Graham runner Nicky Spinks who recently had to downgrade her target time, but still came away with a new record. Training as a constant review – reassess – reconfigure process.

This week I should have already done a few thousand steps and run a few short hills, but nothing so far. However I have today done another 1 mile Time Trial and went faster than last week [6.33 – 6.20]. 8 mile total day. Not really enjoying the sudden change to warmer weather though.

TDC 383 days 3826 miles
RTR70 1372/3360 [28]


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