watch it [TDC382]

In many ways logging is very easy nowadays. To the gamut of ‘generic’ GPS running watches we now have fitness ‘trackers‘, for use with smartphones or as stand-alone.

Misfit Flash, Garmin Vivoactive, Withings Activite, Fitbit, Jawbone, etc, etc with paired software, how does one keep track of all this stuff!?


In some ways it is a sad indictment of how little activity most people now engage in day to day [obesity levels notwithstanding]. Still, if a simple pedometer or calorie counter is all the nudge someone needs to keep moving then it isn’t all bad. Sad but not bad. And to think not that long ago it was only criminals that wore electronic tags.

Just a jog to/from evening Run England group for a 4 mile day, after a lazy downtime two days without any running at all.

TDC 382 days 3818 miles
RTR70 1364/3360 [28]


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