need4speed [TDC377]

Not the best of times to do a 1 mile Time Trial [on tired/recovery legs] but I felt in the mood; and it has been ages since I tried one. I had in my book 6.45 as aim point, but after a general warm up I did a half mile more specific warm up and could only comfortably manage 7.30 pace!? I therefore assumed I would struggle to break 7 minutes for the time trial.

Very surprised then to get to 800 metres in 3.19 and finish, whilst speeding up, in 6.32. That’s faster than the same time last year, off of a far harder 3 months. Not exhausted neither. With the extended warm up and cool down miles, an overall easy 6 mile day.


There is serious debate amongst coaches re: Ultra-running and speedwork. Especially at the very short end [below 1 mile]. And whilst it is very reasonable to conclude that 400 metre speed is of little benefit to 100 mile races, it is still nice to mix it up a bit every now and then. I have done no or little interval work for the last two years really, but would like to get back to it proper, post 100 miler next month, albeit rather late in the year [I usually start in March].

Steps Weds, 1 mile TT today, Hills next week; all just warm up tasters rather than really hard work. But back to the quality work next week though.

TDC 377 days 3787 miles
RTR70 1333/3360 [27]


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