logs [TDC376]

I had to laugh today. I found some 20 year old running logs, from when I was running near my best in terms of times [my mid to late 20s]. I can’t believe I used to run so little [30-45 miles a week average from 3-4 runs] but managed to maintain my weight so well.


Interestingly at the end of 1993 my weight dropped to its lowest ever adult level of 10 stone 3lbs [for my height an elite runner would be 10 stone to be at optimal weight] post Autumn marathon, but picked up back to 10 stone 7lbs by the beginning of 1994 when my times started to enter their best phase for about 9 months. During this time my weight only fluctuated about 2lbs and I was running longer, slower distances than usual. The 1992 12 stone spike was moving/buying a house, equalling much less running.

weight 91 94

Today, I was going to go and try a 1 mile time trial and a 10 mile run, but the lazy bones bug got hold of me. That’s often the problem if/when you don’t need to run. Ended up just jogging to the local shops 1 mile and feeling perfectly happy to be lazy [for once]. Not that I’ve been doing nothing. Planning training also takes time.

TDC 376 days 3781 miles
RTR70 1327/3360 [27]


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