quarter [TDC375]

April Fool’s Day, but looking good here. I realise, due to February’s big effort, that I am way ahead of where I thought I’d be at present. Certainly my training is going far better than last year at the same point.

After a similar January I am currently 628 miles in front of last April 1st [that’s getting on for nearly double the distance on the same date]. Even without February’s grand total I would still be over 100 miles farther along than last year, with a quarter of 2015 gone already. Hopefully I shouldn’t have much difficulty keeping ahead of last year’s poor April to October mileage?

J F M 2014
350 188 233 miles
J F M 2015
352 602 345 miles

At this rate I’ll need to adjust the RTR70 aim to RTR100? A 2015 mileage of 4,800 rather than 3,360; as I am already [though things will slow] a third of the way to the lower total, with only a quarter of the time passed.

Today just a 3 mile recovery jog to/from evening Run England group, with 850 timed steps for this month’s virtual stair climb challenge, for a 4 mile equivalent day.

My Week at the Knees success was picked up by London Athletics and the local free newspaper [page 75].

TDC 375 days 3780 miles
RTR70 1326/3360 [27]


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