eat [TDC374]

Another easy day [or what now feels easier] of 10 miles in the evening; 2 mile warm up [didn’t log for some reason?] and cool down with leading the 10K Sweatshop group in the middle.


I have a 22 miler on Sunday at a very easy pace but I have to think carefully about the next 4 weeks training for the 100 miler in Jersey. I’d like to try at least a 40/50 miler and a couple of B2B 30/20 runs. It’s difficult to assess though, what the February training and 7 marathons in a week counts for in terms of 100 mile training? Certainly I need to practice some hills and continue the step training [both for the Jersey cliff paths and the Conquer Everest challenge in June].

Am trying not to eat too much now that the mega miles each day are currently very modest miles each day. Difficult!

TDC 374 days 3776 miles
RTR70 1322/3360 [27]


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