BTE [TDC373]

So I kept thinking yesterday, based on my average sub 8 minutes a mile pace, that I was on for an under 1:43 Half Marathon, and then I was confused to miss 1:45 even though I felt I never slowed down?


This morning having finally managed to manually upload my Garmin stats I realise why. Simply, it wasn’t a Half Marathon race but a 22K [13.67 mile] race; which is 907 metres longer! A good 4 minutes more.

My calculated Half Marathon time then would have indeed been sub 1:43 at 1:41 and a bit. Result! Better than expected, still I never felt I was pushing that hard. Without the ups/downs a sub 1:40?

A gentle jog to/from my evening Run England group tonight for a 4 mile recovery day. Managing to stay ahead of that TDC daily average mark, just.

TDC 373 days 3766 miles
RTR70 1312/3360 [27]


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