short [TDC369]

Only time for a short 4 mile jog tonight. Shin practically recovered, which is good considering the need to do several thousand steps tomorrow and no doubt Saturday too, for my stair climbing challenge [and training for the Conquer Everest challenge in June].

I have to look most carefully at the next 4 weeks training block in readiness for my Round Jersey 24 hour run. A couple of very long runs and some hills are called for I’d say. Perhaps a couple of the missed 20 mile run adventures can also be squeezed in?


Most surprised to have run 183 miles [and walked at least 30 miles] last week and only lost 1 lb!! At least it means I must have been refuelling well, and I guess the time for weight loss is not during events but during training. Still, I’m not sure exactly what I have to do as I have run over 1,100 miles since mid January and have only lost 7 lbs! Interesting to see that all the pavement pounding has taken nearly an inch off my height.

TDC 369 days 3729 miles
RTR70 1275/3360 [26]


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