WatK post-mortem [TDC367]

So, 48 hours after the marathons concluded, and a little time to think. Going in, I had never done a multi-day marathon event before so had little idea where to pitch things. I was frankly merely concerned with being able to complete the seven days/marathons. If I could do that in a reasonable time [4-4.15 perhaps], then I would be very happy if the times were fairly ‘even’ throughout I thought, ie not a 3:30 then a 4:50 etc.

blinged up

I had some excellent advice from rising GB Ultra star Robbie Britton when he visited the school to encourage the pupils doing their ‘run a marathon in a year’ challenge with Kids Run Free, about 3 days before the off, which was that I could pitch at around 20 minutes slower than my current marathon best pace.

Not having done a marathon flat out for quite some time I had to do a bit of rough estimating, but I figured out that I could try for around 3:45? Worked first day, I didn’t feel that tired, legs recovered enough by the next day to carry on the same way. Never felt exhausted at the end of a day [and indeed I walked about 5 miles in total, before/after the event most of the days] quads were pretty tight until day three but after that settled into a ‘nicely tired’ kind of zone. Apart from the sore left shin I had no issues at all.


Could I have completed at a faster average than 3:43.40? Well day FIVE was the fastest of the marathons at 3:38.01 but was otherwise unextraordinary. I kept better mental focus to push for a consistent pace on tired legs but other than that I can’t think of anything that was different to the other days.

I pretty much ran alone for nearly all the miles of the week, so some company might have helped with my pacing [not that it was terrible, 10K and half way and finishing times all quite close] so I’d have to say that YES I think I could have probably completed at 3:38 every day everything being even. I finished in only 3:44.30 on day SIX but the wind in the face added a good 3 minutes in my estimation so I didn’t slow as much as it might seem, and the last day to be honest I was coasting a little bit [already thinking about the next challenge and protecting the sore shin] .

Male and Female winners

Male and Female winners, Week at the Knees 2015

More than happy with the week’s work. Unexpected in terms of the event placing [win] just lucky there were no real fast guys like Steve Edwards doing all of the runs this year [won last year in sub 3:25 average].

Forcing myself to take another lazy day off today. Had to go to my Run England group last night in my oldest and most worn out trainers to make sure I didn’t jog home! Legs feeling good, shin nearly back to normal.

TDC 367 days 3720 miles
RTR70 1266/3360 [26]


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