recovery [TDC366]

I expected to sleep like a hibernating bear today but found myself up by 7am so went for a little 2 mile stretch jog [forgot Garmin] to assess the week’s damage. Left shin sore but apart from that I feel better than I did after one [and certainly after three] marathons last week. All very strange. Bermuda Triangle, Twilight Zone, not quite sure where I ended up but unexpectedly not the Outer Limits.

Andre and I had a John Lewis treat post walk back to Milton Keynes on Saturday.

Andre and I had a John Lewis treat on Saturday post race.

I will forego any more running today as though I am tempted to try another marathon just for the hell of it, it won’t add anything fitness-wise for my next challenge, so I may as well have a bit of rest. Time for refuelling so I can hopefully get going again tomorrow?

Into the second year of the TDC today and all so far looking good. Ahead of needed mileage by about 60 miles, but that will drop over this next week. Still, if everything is ‘even’ after one year, that is doing fine.


TDC 366 days 3720 miles
RTR70 1266/3360 [26]


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