bling SEVEN [TDC365]

Seven Marathons – Day SEVEN


First anniversary of the Thousand Day Challenge and the last day of the Weak at the Knees 7 marathons in 7 days. Can’t get much better than that? Apart from having my pal toeing the line for his first double marathon attempt.

Great to see that 20 participants seemed to have survived the week. Weather was ‘nice’; dry, less wind than day six, but getting to be rather warm by the end of the run. No matter. I ran the first two laps with the leading lady to give encouragement and then settled into my own pacing. Once again at 10K in spot on 52 minutes and at half way in around 1:52.

The sore left shin that I had thought might be a problem didn’t bother me at all [though I did forego the ‘whee’s on the downward slopes]. Lost concentration a little between miles 13 and 17 but managed to crack on to the end to finish in another similar time for the week of 3:44.18 and a perfectly even paced two halves [despite 4-5 miles of ‘slacking’].


Waiting on ‘official’ times for all the runs but I was presented with a trophy for the best overall time for the seven marathons over the week; first [male] finisher.

Andre double Me seven

Andre double Me seven

Andre and I walked the 5 miles [a bit around town too] into Milton Keynes centre after the event as a cool down stretch-out [we did stop 30 minutes for a pint of Guinness before getting the train back to London], leaving my legs feeling gently tired but good apart from the sore shin. I feel I could certainly [not that I will] get up and do it all again tomorrow. I will probably take a rest day however; it will take that long to unpack, wash clothes, and write a proper debrief report [that’s my excuse anyway].

TDC 365 days 3718 miles
RTR70 1264/3360 [26]


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