bling SIX [TDC364]

Seven Marathons – Day SIX


Bloody windy day! Added probably 3 minutes to my time but still pretty happy. Today my friend Andre began his first attempt at two back to back marathons. We ran together till mile 18 at a nice steady pace [as previous days 10K in 52 minutes and at half in 1:51.30] but then I felt I needed to keep the pace going to achieve another decent time. Did so in 3:44.35


Was also great to have friend Mike come up to support us at the end.

One to go, AND tomorrow is one year exactly since I started the Thousand Day Challenge. A nice day to complete the marathons on. I won’t say “I must surely slow down tomorrow” I’ll just say I hope I can manage another 3:45 ish day. If so it appears I might ‘win’ the Weak at the Knees seven marathons with the quickest overall time to complete all the runs – just. All very unexpected. But anything can happen even in the last few miles of such a long run, so …

Andre one Me six

Andre one Me six

All well apart from a sore left shin which will hopefully respond to some icing tonight.

TDC 364 days 3692 miles
RTR70 1238/3360 [23]


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