bling FIVE [TDC363]

Seven Marathons – Day FIVE


Thought the game might be up on Thursday night with a really sore left shin. Iced and stretched and it only felt tender in the morning but I was still a bit weary come marathon start time having walked the 1.5 miles to the start.

The weather turned out rather warm and no solar eclipse in sight? Again, as with previous days I started at 52 minutes for the first 10K but was rather surprised to be 1 minute faster at the half marathon point [1.49] and feeling full of energy despite the 17 lap nature of the course. The difference today seemed to be that I was able to mentally push on keeping the pace up and therefore never slowed at all. The shoe change strategy definitely seemed to pay off.


Very satisfied therefore with my first ever negative split marathon [by 10 seconds] finishing in 3:38:01, a good 5 minutes faster than my best this week and 7 minutes faster than marathon four.

Apparently I am nearly 10 minutes in the lead of those doing the whole seven marathons, which has come as quite a surprise. Seems the training this Winter has been more successful than I could have hoped for? Two more days to go but anything could happen yet! SURELY I must start to slow now!?

TDC 363 days 3666 miles
RTR70 1212/3360 [23]


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