bling FOUR [TDC362]

Seven Marathons – Day FOUR.


A real adventure day. Started with arriving at Euston Square tube with only 4 minutes till my train left from Euston Main Line Station down the street! My first run of the day and it hurt. Then the platform was farther away than it has been Mon-Weds so I had to run some more! Luckily the guard took pity on me and didn’t blow his whistle until I jumped through the doors with 2 seconds to spare [I would have missed the day otherwise as it was a non-refundable timed ticket].

I got a bus the other end instead of a 3.5 mile walk, even though I was early. Lazy bones. lol

Today was much chillier; my windcheater stayed on till the last 3.5 mile lap. An easier course [no steep ups but more undulating all the way around and only 150ft of climb total].


Started fine and again at 10K in 52 minutes but then started chatting to a fresh first day runner and only realised after 2 or 3 miles that we were doing 8 minutes a mile! So at Half Marathon in fastest time yet of 1.50, meaning the biggest slow down in the second half thus far of 5 minutes. Not as bad as it sounds though as I once again finished in roughly the same time as the others this week 3:44:59 but I had to sprint like a loony to dip under the 3.45 mark [for no particular reason].

Miles 19 to 22 felt hardest more due to mental weakness [hard to push to keep pace up on granite legs especially when all alone for miles] but I threw in a just over 8 minutes mile for mile 25 so I know it wasn’t hitting the wall/bonking that was the issue. Surely. Surely, I must get slower tomorrow? Now out of the Bermuda Triangle and into the Twilight Zone. lol

TDC 362 days 3640 miles
RTR70 1186/3360 [24]


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