bling THREE [TDC361]

Seven Marathons – Day THREE


Weather good again today but rather warmer which made things a bit more challenging. I at least was happy to be out of London, having received a personal message from the Mayor of London telling me not to exercise outdoors today, due to poor air quality. lol

The same 7 lap 670ft of climb course after a 2.5 mile walk from the train station and same back to the station walk, for a 31 miles total day.

Certainly in the Bermuda Triangle today as I had fully expecting to be much slower given I had the old ‘can’t walk properly wobble’ last night.

Surprised therefore to be at 10K in the same kind of 52 minute time, at half way 90 seconds faster [due to running with a first day guy and chatting for a lap] and to finish 2 minutes faster than day two in 3:42:58

Obviously it required a bit more work again and this time I didn’t manage to speed up for the last miles but I was still working purposefully at the end and didn’t feel exhausted. I also had completed some ‘just over 8 minute miles’ in the middle of the race! Again, most happy that I only slowed about 2 minutes over the second half of the distance.

Now for some rest. Till early AM travel to Milton Keynes again. Tomorrow is a new course with shorter, sharper, steeper UPS, so I am certainly sure to be much slower. lol

TDC 361 days 3614 miles
RTR70 1160/3360 [24]


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