bling ONE [TDC359]

Seven Marathons – Day ONE.


Great start but probably too fast; only tomorrow/rest of week will tell. Overcast and a little chilly but no rain and light wind, so perfect for running. Sun came out about half way around.

Slightly up and downy in places [apparently 670ft!] but laps on solid paths so no muddy running. Only got to start with 5 Minutes to spare as couldn’t find the cafe for registration after a 2.5 mile walk from the station [and jog at end] meaning with back to the station walk after I covered 31 miles for the day.


Marathon in 3:45:40 which felt easy for the first half then I had to push just a little to keep the pace going, but very happy to only lose 40 seconds on the second half, so good pacing.

Even though 50 runners, on a 4 mile lap it feels like you are running completely alone most of the time.

Now for some rest. Till early AM travel to Milton Keynes again.

TDC 359 days 3562 miles
RTR70 1108/3360 [23]


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