relax [TDC357]

I was going to do just a little 3 mile jog to parkrun duties this morning and then walk back, but instead I had my first lie-in in months. After a solid 8 hours sleep I am feeling completely refreshed and raring to go. Points out how important the non-running activities of next week will be. A case of Eat/Sleep/Run and not much else wherever possible.


Today will just be tidying up and getting kit ready in advance so that I can just wake up, eat, grab and run every morning. The weather is looking reasonable for next week; dry at least and coolish.

So that’s been three days now of no running [a few miles walking] and just a couple of miles tomorrow, and then taper time over. Feel like I’ve gained a stone in weight with all the eating this week and only minimal miles. Nearly game time.

TDC 357 days 3530 miles
RTR70 1076/3360 [22]


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