stairs [TDC352]

Almost the last day I dare go harder. Two hours of up and down stairs with Andre early this morning with a gentle jog there and back. Three miles of lateral stair distance [but Garmin is nonsense at logging the vertical climb; about 4,200 ft] for 10 miles of running equivalent [over 100 minutes]. So a 13 mile total day equivalent.

A nice steady average pace of 4,200 steps an hour at a rate of 230 ups [sets of five] and downs then a 20 second standing rest. A four minute water break after an hour means we actually speeded up slightly in the second hour [4278 in 60 minutes then 4186 in only 56 minutes].

step closer

Pretty happy with the effort and 8,464 steps today brings my remaining stair total for the month down to only 12,536. Hope to have that at only 10,000 before the marathons start, as I can’t then do much for a week.

Now just need to look after my evening Run England group, which will be very strange without running with them’ luckily I can just stand at the edge of the 400M track.

TDC 352 days 3520 miles
RTR70 1066/3360 [22]


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