nothing [TDC345]

I am posting my ‘run’ before it’s done today so as to force myself into doing almost nothing [‘run’, as such a small distance feels like nothing]. 2 miles today. One thousand miles for the year so far. I will just jog with my new Run England group tonight [only second week] as they are complete beginner non-runners.


Time to let all the little aches and sore/stiffnesses come to light, as they are usually masked by effort on these big challenges. Will be strange not being ‘allowed’ to have any chocolate milk; my post long run recovery treat. I have to try to not put on too much weight now I am in taper ‘down time’ for two weeks. Should try and get on those scales today. Will still be way overweight!

6 weeks ago 12st 4lbs
2 weeks ago 12st 1lbs
Today ?

TDC 345 days 3454 miles
RTR70 1000/3360 [20]


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