sunny [TDC344]

Ahh a nice 21 mile recovery day with viewtube runners and the start of the Sweatshop Hackney Half Marathon training that we are providing for them. Lovely sunny day but the wind was biting towards the end. Gentle pace looking after some 10K runners after the marathon training guys had already done ‘extra’ miles. Everyone feeling good after their PBs last week at the Hampton Court Half.

HCH bling

some of the Hampton Court Half Marathon PB crew

Strange/nice to now be on a two week taper for Weak at the Knees. Tomorrow I’ll go through 1,000 miles for the year so far, which is a crazy total [but the mileage accumulation pace is sure to slow]. Not much more I can do for training now, so time to relax and think about my pace aims for the 7 marathons?

TDC 344 days 3452 miles
RTR70 998/3360 [20]


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