done [TDC343]


Lovely start to the day with a gentle jog to parkrun and a pretty rare actual ‘race’; rather than a tail run. Quite muddy/slippery but surprised at an 8 minute a mile pace and not very taxed. Hadn’t planned to do more pacey, just happened. Quick break for tea and processing results.


Nice relaxed run around town with a little break half way [at Islington tunnel: no towpath] for water and a couple of marshmallow teacakes. Comfortable at just below 10 minutes a mile pace [interesting to note that the pace was not that much slower than the RUYD all month default of 9.40]. Ended up being just over 19 miles and then straight into the remaining stairs requirement for the month, the last 2,000 steps. A 28 mile day and the Thousand Day Challenge deficit has been reduced to zero for the beginning of March.

I would have hit my second ever 200 mile week if I had managed to do my original plan for the day of 35 miles but 193 will do [especially as the steps equivalent would certainly make it over 200 miles] and I am consoled with my first ever 600 mile month [even more miles than in November 2014 during the MMM challenge which was 30 days rather than only 28!]

TDC 343 days 3431 miles
RTR70 977/3360 [20]


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