elevation [TDC342]

I separated out my after work run tonight to try to see what is going on and discovered that just as with traditional daleks, Garmin can’t do stairs. My steps part of the session is logged as no elevation gain!? Well sorry, the 7 metres climb 86 times felt like elevation to me!! Over 600 metres in fact.

I was surprised I had the energy left after a 5.30 am half marathon in 2 hours, and 3.5 mile warm up. That only left another 10 miles immediately after the stairs; and I was even more surprised to find myself cruising along in some parts at 8.20 pace!? Before 3 miles cooling down. Good to have a training buddy. Thanks Andre. A 28 mile day adjusted for stairs to 32 miles.

Only 2,000 steps to go tomorrow and the 28 miles. As I’m only 18 miles behind on the TDC balance, that means, tomorrow all going well, I’ll break even!

TDC 342 days 3402 miles
RTR70 948/3360 [19]


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