little mother [TDC341]

Had thought I’d split the day into four lots of 7 miles with steps, then three lots of 9 miles with steps, but ended up doing a half marathon in 2 hours 8 minutes all in one go this morning. Sluggish for the first 5 miles trying to get under 10 minutes a mile pace but after a minute standing break things picked up to the usual 9.20-30 pace.

Only came home due to rain and a need for some breakfast. An hour’s break, turned into four hours due to heavy rain [steps too dangerous in the wet]. So the day’s plan changed again into two half marathon runs; the second one slightly faster than the first.

Pretty tired at tea time but some steps in the evening a must; and some slow extra miles beyond the needed 26 as a bonus. Didn’t have time to do all my needed 9,000 steps [keeping an eye on early start tomorrow] but managed 3,000, with two days to somehow squeeze out the rest. 31 mile day plus steps adjustment giving 33 miles total. So not quite the mother of all days but maybe a petit moma?

TDC 341 days 3370 miles
RTR70 916/3360 [19]


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