smash [TDC339]

So another bike smash day!! Getting VERY fed up with pavement cyclists! Into me from behind, I didn’t have a chance. Went flying six feet. At least at present it looks like my running equipment got away without too much damage? Mainly cuts to hands and arms and grazed face. But will have to wait till the morning to know for sure. At least the silly cyclist lost their expensive mocha espresso latte wotever; flying slow motion in the air like a silent comedy.

Besides that I completed the necessary 24 miles today in two sessions [9 mile and 15 mile] with an hour between and another 3,000 steps. Purposely tried to keep the pace slow today, still a long way to go this week. Great to see the Sweatshop 10K guys improving.

TDC 339 days 3308 miles
RTR70 854/3360 [17]


4 thoughts on “smash [TDC339]

  1. Gah! It makes me cross and sad. I’m a driver, a cyclist and a runner. I get that there are laws and rules for a reason. Cycling on the pavement makes me see red. I *think* the majority of people who do it both don’t know that it’s actually against the law (unless there is a designated cycle path), and I think a lot are new to the country and come from places where you are actually supposed to cycle on the pavements, and have no appreciation of the impact it has on pedestrians (at best annoyance, at worst injury and fear in between). I just wish people would pay attention to the rules and be generally considerate of others.

    • Seem to be sore but fine. I guess most cycle on pavements as they get away with it most of the time both in terms of no prosecution/fine and no accident. The old ‘no harm , no foul’ mentality. But as I said to the cyclist yesterday “what if I’d been a little old lady?”

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