wotta day [TDC337]

Today was a whizzo! I stayed with my friend in Clapham so I could jog in to the Hampton Court Half early in the morning [about 11 miles] to get my needed 22 miles for the day for the RUYD challenge. But oopsed at Wimbledon [I went laughably way too far South] and also got sent the wrong way as I was arriving at the event by early marshals, to end up running 17 miles with rucksack and being late to a race for the only time in nearly 32 years!

All was okay though as another couple of my runners also were late [the transport was awful] so Andre and I got to pace Joe. My watch battery died with 4.5 miles to go! But at least we beat the wetter afternoon weather and didn’t even finish last despite staring 25 minutes later than everyone else.

All the viewtube runners did swell. A super 2.13 Half début for Danute and PBs for all the rest. Good to see the hard work they are putting in is paying off.

I ended up with 30 miles on the clock! Bigger week though this coming week and lots of stairs! Legs now nicely tired at the end of a 168 mile week.

TDC 337 days 3253 miles
RTR70 799/3360 [16]


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