womble [TDC335]

roth 1

Rotherhithe tunnel

Another adventure day. Underground. overground. I have long time wanted to try out Rotherhithe tunnel as a pedestrian, today was that day. A [you guessed it] 20 mile run circuit using the Thames’ pedestrian tunnels; Greenwich and Woolwich foot tunnels and Rotherhithe, which is a pedestrian allowed motor vehicle tunnel. I am sure [at an average stated 20 a day] few have walked through this tunnel, let alone run it?

Greenwich Foot tunnel

Greenwich Foot tunnel

My pace was back to what I would have expected today [you can see the foot tunnel miles, with stairs pace drop], which makes me believe yesterday’s sluggishness was just a fuelling issue; it being that today’s 20 miles was less than 12 hours after I finished that run.


Woolwich Foot tunnel

Tomorrow will be the last of seven 20 mile runs this week and therefore the end of this phase of the training. All looking good so far. Just a little jog tonight and some painful [I am sure] stairs.

TDC 335 days 3191 miles
RTR70 737/3360 [15]


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