stairs [TDC335]

So a little problem. Garmin today says I did 20 miles and Strava says 21.5 miles. Whom to believe? The Strava pace stats seem more reasonable [18 minutes on the mile through the Greenwich foot tunnel?] as I was running the whole way not walking. And I stopped the watch when I paused to take photos. I will leave at the lower distance.


This evening a jog to’from Stratford steps to do my weekly timed stair challenge, which I am certainly getting slower at but only by a few seconds [19.52] on last week which is surprising, but that is to be expected with all these miles. Another 8 miles in the bag for today; 5 miles and 3,500 steps at 3 mile effort.

Most surprisingly today, is that my weight has only dropped 3 lbs in the last month. Still at 12 stone!?

TDC 335 days 3199 miles
RTR70 745/3360 [15]


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