potter [TDC334]

The first day I have woken up tired. Not in the legs, but generally sleepy tired. Perhaps not enough fuel yesterday? I had an early morning adventure planned but decided to put it off till tomorrow. Today then just a potter around 21 miles doing chores and to/from my evening Run England group.

It almost felt harder without an adventure and with the necessary little  stops. Weather didn’t help, chilly, wind and rain. Certainly I felt much more sluggish today. The first one of the 20s that has felt harder. The importance of refuelling each day is going to be crucial for the marathons. I suspect from today’s experience that the 5th day will be the tougher one?

Today into the second third of the thousand day challenge and given the currently high mileage [if I continue with the RUYD challenge], I may be TDC deficit free even before the Weak at the Knees 7 marathons.

I’ll have to see whether I can get up early tomorrow for an adventure? Usually I prefer later in the day, once warmed up, but with these 20 milers, needs must.

brain run

TDC 334 days 3171 miles
RTR70 717/3360 [14]


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