fuzzytron [TDC332]

Another adventure day. And so another 20 miles done this morning. Three 20 milers done so far this week and hopefully four to go.


Today’s adventure was great fun on a sunny, could be Spring morning. As I am fed up of the Garmin auto-title [more often than not from where you start your run] Plaistow North Ward I decided to do a run of just that only [though I strayed into Stratford area] by playing the TRON lighcycle game as close as possible whilst running. So I attempted to run roads around my neighbourhood without crossing my path [alleyways allowed but park paths not]. Strangely satisfying to run 20 miles and not go much more than a mile from home.

dead end-

I was quite surprised at just how many dead end roads there are as well as the related cul-de-sac. Could have equally been a T sign bagging run. Not that, that necessarily means no through road for runners [just vehicular traffic] so I did rediscover some alleyways I had forgotten about [like down the side of the sadly boarded up/derelict Spotted Dog pub. Perhaps one can work out the age of the roads from their layout?

TDC 332 days 3118 miles
RTR70 664/3360 [13]


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