avenues and alleyways [TDC331]

An adventure day. Wanted to follow one of the cardinal points, but there are no obvious roads that go truly due North/South/East/West from my location [and rivers are a challenge to straight lines] so I decided to see how closely I could follow the District Underground Line from Plaistow until my distance ended [on an out and back route].


Roding River path being built

I never realised there were so many footbridges over the tracks [some quite substantial]. I found many new avenues and alleyways [found myself humming the Tony Christie track on the way home] that only true locals will ever use, went down walkways I have seen hundreds of times but had no reason to follow, found a new bridge over the Roding and a new cycleway that is being built. All in all a fun morning’s run, despite many wrong turns [especially on the way back when I missed a bridge]; I was just following the train track route by pigeon sense/hearing/occasional glimpse of trains through residential areas. 20 miles done at about 9.30 pace with only about 5 minutes of stops in total for photos and road crossings etc, so happy with that.


TDC 331 days 3098 miles
RTR70 644/3360 [13]


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