drizzle [TDC329]

Sluggish for the first couple of miles this morning but into it after that. Nice to go and support the guys at Valentine’s Parkrun on Valentine’s day, but doubt I will be doing again unless there is a division of tasks. [Simply, just under an hour for 5K is neither tail running nor tail walking – tail strolling more like]. As a community sports activator I have no wish to turn anyone away from trying to get fitter, but someone struggling after 100 metres and finishing 5,000 metres of walking completely exhausted is not doing themselves any good in real terms; they need to work on their fitness at a lower level of effort first and then build up.


Today just a minimal 14 mile day with the ‘walk’ in the middle. Time to try on my new shoes [though I won’t get to run in them till March as runs are too long to break in shoes this month]. Need to book accommodation for Weak at the Knees too.

TDC 329 days 3055 miles
RTR70 601/3360 [12]


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