circle [TDC327]

Lovely 5.30 AM  start this morning to run with Nuno and Andre in to Embankment, then Andre and I did a rough reccy [relying more on local knowledge and street maps than good navigation sense] to trot around the Circle Line. Unfortunately Andre had hip soreness today so we never quite made the closed loop, but still, another 20 miles on the clock and a nice English Breakfast in Farringdon. Always good to do a little sight seeing. Spotted this unusual pillar box near South Kensington?


This afternoon I trotted to Victoria Park to support some Year 6 pupils from school at their London Mini-Marathon try-outs for the Borough [under 13s: second girl and seventh boy; and a pupil from last year came 1st]. Then across to my evening Run England group and back, for another 15 miles today. A satisfying 35 mile day but I will surely feel it tomorrow on my ‘recovery’ day of 13 miles and 1.5 hours of stair climbing!

Certainly crunching down the TDC deficit this month. Only about 240 miles behind now. And less than a week till a third the way through the Thousand Day Challenge. Another block of 500 miles completed, so …

TDC 327 days 3028 miles
RTR70 574/3360 [11]


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