workmanlike [TDC325]

Another day where the run ended naturally before the 20 mile mark. Oh well at least 17 miles done. Looks like Tuesdays are now going to follow a similar pattern? 6 miles at 9.30 down to 8.45 pace, hour stop, 5 miles at 8.45 down to 8 pace, hour stop, 6 miles at 9.30-10 pace leading from the back at Sweatshop 10K training.


I’m thinking that tomorrow, as I have to do a timed 1,642 steps anyway, that I may as well go for my Eiffel Tower stair climbing badge’ as only a few steps more. Also time to step on some scales!

TDC 325 days 2979 miles
RTR70 525/3360 [10]


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