half [TDC323]

Lovely day and run. Good to see some runners back from niggles, a Half PB and a first time Half [all in training of course] which bodes well for up coming Half Marathon races this month.

As the run naturally came to an end after I had only completed 16 miles I simply jogged the last mile as cool down after the traditional tea stop, as there seemed little to be gained merely continuing for another 3 mile just for the magic 20 mile mark, at a cool down pace. I’ll simply work a bit harder tomorrow. 17 miles done.

Calves a little sore from Friday’s steps but otherwise feeling good. Tenth time around virtual Jersey completed already, a good 11 days ahead of schedule. Through the RTR70 500 mile mark tomorrow as well as 3,000 TDC miles by mid-week. Deficit now down to 284 miles and falling; with all these ‘extra’ long run miles I may be back up to scratch before April?


Apparently I achieved all my Strava challenge badges for this month already!? Come on Strava set some real goals. LMAO

TDC 323 days 2946 miles
RTR70 492/3360 [10]


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